Fireflies Art in Action is a collective of women who believes in art and, especially, in photography as a tool for social transformation.

Trabajamos con una orientación feminista, and from a gender perspective.

Nos interesa leer el mundo desde las imágenes producidas y que producimos, queremos hacernos preguntas, reflexionar y accionar a través de ellas.

We enjoy working with people and live enriching experiences from promoting creativity. Why do not we head to any specific group but people in general. Design activities according to the needs and characteristics of participants.

Nuestros principales objetivos son:

  • Promote enriching experiences through art and creativity

  • Facilitate processes of individual and collective empowerment

  • Activate processes of social transformation through photography

Trabajamos desde la libertad e incertidumbre que otorga la experimentación, using our own knowledge base, both in the field of image, and in the field of social intervention, and constantly nourishing the work of artists and projects that open doors to new looks.