"Behind the facade" is a project commissioned by the double Young boys Palau Alos which aims to recover historical memory the building Palau Alos and make it known through photography. For a few months, along the 2017, we have dedicated to collecting information and interviewing the protagonists of the historical life of the building, transiting libraries, historical and private homes. As a result we made a trip back in time through several decades since the mid-nineteenth century until today.

In a second phase we have identified five cross-cutting themes of the history of Palau Alòs through a collaborative process, starring people who have participated in the life of the building. The five themes are: venue, immigration and working class, institutional violence, theater and real estate speculation. Each issue has been translated into an image of fiction whose models are people who have been linked to the building over the years. We generated five images collaborating with a theatrical set designer, mine Trapp, and a veteran photographer, Albert Fortuny, which he has spent many years of his life photographing in theaters in Barcelona.

The images, printed on canvas and large format, They constitute a new skin for the building Palau Alòs. They are exposed on the facade during the summer months 2017, next to an image that contains the timeline where the fundamental stages of the history of this space are collected.


When: January to July 2017

Where: Youth Palace Alòs

target group: residents of the neighborhood of la Ribera, users and users of the Youth Center Palau Alòs and people who have been part of the life of the building.